May 27, 2020

  What a crazy time is is right now.  Pools are beginning to open along with gyms.  It seems to be a very personal subject with each person.  I ask each client to tell me what they are comfortable with and then work within that constraint.  So if you elect to stay home...

November 13, 2016

I always walk into each experience with an open mind.  I have learned to always question everything I hear.  I have taken many classes since last updating in 2015.  Please spend some time to take a look.   

TRIATHLON CAMP 3 days of FUN and LEARNING APRIL 24-26 SIGNUP: Email me at Price: see below. Description: 24th Friday 6 PM Maxcy Gregg Park NMA/DYNAMIC Proper Warmups 25th Saturday Lake Murray Open Water swim practice/drills/ Question & Answer Session/Swim NMA, Drill practice T1 setup discussion/pack list/ practice/ operations (e.g. no bike shoes stored on bikes) More Swim Drills Break for lunch Open Forum discussion of Ironman/Triathlon questions  Afternoon: T2 setup discussion/pack list/practice  Run clothing options, reinforce NMA & Dynamic, arm use, foot cadence, relaxation exercises, hill climbing, aid station handoff and choices  26th SUNDAY  Morning: Bike on race day- Emergency braking, cornering(figure 8), Square of slow bikers, bottle & nutrition handoffs, passing, seated hill climbing, cutting hills, drafting discussion.  DISCUSS USAT RULES and Penalties Lunch: Group Ride Practicing skills enforcing USAT rules. Again Topics anticipated to be covered: • Swimming drills will include: passing, drafting, goggle flooding, swim overs, pack swimming, sighting, dry starts (dolphin diving), deep water starts, dock starts (3 @ a time). • Biking drills include: Cycling 26-60 mile course while supported, emergency handling, bike handling skills. Including figure eight drills for braking and cornering, passing, seated hill climbing, drafting discussion, bottle and nutrition handoffs. • Running drills include: clothing options, neuromuscular activation, dynamic warmup, ankling, marching and driving, skipping, lean drills, arm use, relaxation exercises, aid station handoff and choices • Transitions: T1 and T2 Setup via Ironman bag as well as 70.3 style, packing list, breathing during transition, nutrition intake, socks or no socks, discuss IM setup. • Address worries and discussion Price List: New clients: $200 all for full weekend and must present valid USAT license or purchase one day license for clinic. Or 1 Day for $100 Southern Multisport Athletes with active contracts on date of Camp : $150 for full weekend or 1 day for $75 USAT Event #230106

March 5, 2015

February 26, 2015

Hey Yall,  


   So as you may know I am hosting a triathlon camp in the SC Midlands.  This camp is to aid athletes of all abilities.  I thought about all the races I have done and I came up with practical swim, bike, run, and transition practice.  We will discuss each s...

January 1, 2015

So you signed up for your big race in 2015, now what.  You have to build a plan, but where do I start?  Should I sign up for other races to get ready? Can I take the offseason off?  When should I lose weight?  How far in advance do I start training for this?  Should I...

May 1, 2013

Send me an email if you have any questions about coaching.  

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TRIATHLON CAMP 3 days of FUN and LEARNING APRIL 24-26 SIGNUP: Email me at Price: see below. Description: 24th Friday 6 PM...

March 5, 2015

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