Continued work with Quarantine (COvid19)

What a crazy time is is right now. Pools are beginning to open along with gyms. It seems to be a very personal subject with each person. I ask each client to tell me what they are comfortable with and then work within that constraint. So if you elect to stay home I will come up with workouts that will suit your environment and we will do our best to prep you for upcoming races. If your electing to go out on group runs or choosing to go to a pool then I will write workouts that will accommodate your choices. My goal as a coach is to work within whatever constraints your life provides. I will let you know that smart trainers have continually gotten better and the apps that provide that information and experience have also gone a long way over the last few years. I am not only talking about Zwift, I am talking about real 4k video of rides all over the world on apps like Bkool, MyRouvy, TacX software, VGo, and TrainerRoad, etc. There are a lot of options out there. Ironman is currently partnered with MyRouvy and they have started rolling out half Ironman courses and it looks like they will continue to add these in the future. Either way it allows me to overlay my training peaks workouts that are dictated just like in Zwift or I can ride a route in Northern Italy (using a GPX file) or even ride any of the HD routes they have available and it has allowed me to escape my living room and ride Stelvio Pass. I am aware that locally Fort Jackson is closed and group rides are not an option for most of us. I encourage you to be safe out there as traffic begins to pick back up and maybe even consider an indoor smart trainer as an option to continue to train with the convenience of training when you want and training in a safe environment.

I also wanted to update you regarding USAT and Ironman. Currently USAT and Ironman are both working on new protocols for race flow and setup and will be making some changes in the future. They may possibly put smaller caps on race size, shrink down waves, possibly all going to single file swim starts, allowing six feet of distancing in lines and transition. We will see as things continue to change. I know many of you want races back but the governing bodies feel that some changes may need to be made first before continuing. You also have to realize that they will still need permission from the state in which they are operating to allow the race to meet whatever guidelines are being set by the state itself. So stay positive, stay healthy, and be safe.

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