Longed to "Really" Swim


Not a triathlete but had wanted to learn to really swim, as opposed to floating or flailing, which I had mostly done throughout life. Since retiring I found myself looking for some help. I saw Anthony coaching at the pool where I took water aerobics and after talking to him a few minutes, decided he was the guy to help me get past my discomfort in the water and maybe even help me swim. Anthony is a very skilled instructor. He is able to fairly quickly pinpoint the mistakes being made but more importantly, he offers constructive feedback in an authentic manner with just the right touches of encouragement and humor when necessary. Although I am not a smooth freestyler yet, I am now pretty comfortable in the water (something I have NEVER been) even though I did take swim lessons in my youth. I am amazed at how enjoyable doing laps in the pool can be even though I alternate backstroke and freestyle. I have my goals and feel well on the path to improving as long as I put in the time and follow the very helpful suggestions Anthony offered.  I plan to get better at this but I am already so happy to look forward to my time in the pool and actually on most days, hate to leave it!

-A Never Too Later

3rd at Boston and Now a Paratriathlete

Over the past three years, Coach Brownie has taught me to trust my training and believe in myself: to celebrate the victory, no matter what shape it may take: and that with hard work and dedication, the unimaginable is possible. 
I started training with Anthony a few months prior to my first marathon.  I was new to distance running and I don't think either of us really knew what to expect.  I survived the race, however, and we haven't looked back. 
What sets Anthony apart as a coach is his dedication to the athlete as an individual. H e doesn't take a one size fits all training approach. He understands that each athlete has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, goals and motivations. Let us take me for example. I am legally blind.  Every endurance event has its inherent challenges.  Having a physical disability increases the level of difficulty that much more. Over the past few years, Anthony has worked tirelessly to help me identify these challenges and develop strategies for overcoming them.  All the while, encouraging me as I improve and challenging me to be a better version of myself. When an injury sidelined me from running for a couple months, Anthony modified my training plan to include swimming. This led me to a triathlon relay team, for which I competed as the swim leg.  As is the natural progression of things, we decided to give cycling a try.  Earlier this year I competed for the first time as a Paratriathlete.  I also had the opportunity to run the 2016 Boston Marathon, finishing 3rd in the Visually Impaired Female Division and re-qualifying for 2017. 
Winning is great and it's wonderful to be recognized for my accomplishments, especially as it shines a light on both my and Anthony's hard work, but being able to compete is what motivates me to keep overcoming those challenges and keep working toward that next goal. Anthony Brown gives me the confidence and skills to do so.

-Boston Marathoner, Paratriathlete

Collegiate Sprinter to Ironman

Posting an official thanks and endorsement for Coach Brown. He was amazing in helping me transition from a life of fast twitch competitive events to being able to complete an Ironman at age 40. I was always a natural sprinter, and a 400m race was considered a distance event for me back in the day! Thanks again Coach Brown!!

-Dan Hall, First time Ironman Athlete

Best money...ever invested...


"Triathlons are generally an expensive endeavor, but the best money I have ever invested, was to hire a coach to prepare me for my first 70.3. As a 40 something  female athlete that had only done 1 international triathlon, I learned a tremendous amount from Anthony during my training. Not only did  I have  a very successful race, but I exceeded my goal times in all three disciplines! Cannot go wrong here."


- Dorette Coetsee 



New to running and now Boston Qualified


"When I first started with Anthony Brown as my coach, I was still new to running and really did not know very much. Anthony helped me improve in all areas as a runner such as warm-ups, running form, running economy, speed-work, hill work, tempo and distance workouts, recovery, and nutrition. I met all the time and distance goals I had set for myself at the beginning of working with Anthony. The things I learned from Anthony's coaching I'll never forget and are still helping me to improve as a runner from 5K to the Marathon. I very much recommend Anthony Brown as your next Coach."


- Larry Bates

First Tri at 75 Finished 2nd AG @ Tom Hoskins Triathlon 2016

The swim of 350 meters, bike 14 miles, run/walk 5k  (3.1 miles)   Anthony turned me from a bicycle rider into a 75 yearo old woman who just  completed  my first sprint triathlon. When I started training with Anthony I had never even put my face in the water and had never learned to swim ( read fear of water).  He has a very detailed program that took me from blowing  bubbles, to kicking while holding onto a kick board, building on breathing, proper stroke form, etc.,  and now I AM A SWIMMER!! The process took me 14 months.  At each step I felt  a great sense of accomplishment.  Anthony also taught me to run/walk— gaining endurance, breathing, and proper form.  ( I had not walk/run since I got my driver’s license 65 years ago).  On the day of the event I felt very confident.  We had practiced the course, practiced transition setup and we really nailed the detailed points of how to efficienlty set up  my equipment for transition.  I am not only 75 years old but also legally deaf, with Anthony’s patience and skill everything was possible.  I now have  been “ bitten by the bug”  and am planning  for my next event in October.

-Rita McBeth, 75 years young


Wanted someone who "got it"...


"Thinking about an Ironman I knew I needed a coach!  Wanted someone who "got it" and could prepare me for that event while enjoying training and learning throughout the process.  Talked with other athletes and several other coaches before making my decision.  


Anthony has just the right blend of experience, knowledge, and personality - he's been successful in bringing athletes of all calibers to that start line with confidence.  Just the right mix of compassionate coaching and " embrace the suck".  


Working with Southern Multisport has been a huge confidence booster I'm seeing improvements across the board and owe it to his skilled guidance." 


-  54 yr old Aspiring Ironman, mother, full time professional 



Persistance in training


 Thanks for the help along the way 

"Super coach...guided me to three consecutive Half Marathon PRs in a 5 month window". 


- Retired Military Veteran 



The Team and ...simply enjoying the experience of finishing strong


"There is little doubt as a multi-sport endurance athlete training is more complex, the risk of injury higher and it takes longer to reach the fitness level you want and require on race day for a good experience.  This to me is the single most important driving force in making the decision to work with a personal coach like Anthony Brown.  


Thanks to Anthony's knowledge and his ability to structure a training plan specifically targeting the ability and personal goals of his athletes I exceeded my expectations in both time with a 6:28:14 finish and "Fun" in my first IronMan 70.3 in Augusta 2013.  


It was an amazing experience to train for so long and have it all come together - and Coach Anthony was there every step of the way for me and the friends I trained and raced with. Earlier that first year we were training with Anthony we also ran the Austin Texas marathon and completed the Assault on Mt. Mitchell 103 mile and 11,000 Ft vertical climb bike ride - so he had his work cut out for him!  


If you are a seasoned competitor or aim to reap the rewards of healthy active living and simply enjoying the experience of finishing strong in your target event I recommend having a personal coach like Anthony on your team!  For me I'm still dreaming big, training with and being inspired by family and the best friends, and most importantly having fun with Anthony's guidance for the full IronMan in Chattanooga Sep 27, 2015. 


Thank you coach!" 

- Ken
























"I so lack confidence but somehow you always seem to find it for me.  If my fee would do what my mind wanted I would be unstoppable.  ... I may be slow, but I go!!! I freaking killed it yesterday- Bam."


The Unstoppable Athlete



Boston Quality


"Coach Anthony Brown and Southern Multisport's training plan has been the epitome of "hard work paying off".  The individualized training plan designed specifically to my training goals and my ability has maximized my potential.  I met Coach Anthony in March 2013 at a local running group and heard about a possible "Speed Clinic" he would be coaching.  After doing some soul searching and being told by other trainers I would not qualify for Boston I decided to try the "new" coach in town.  I showed up on a hot, humid, muggy, Monday night at Owen's field track to be impressed and enjoy the training.   The speed clinic ended after 4 weeks and I approached Coach Anthony about hiring him for personal run training.  Before he would allow me to commit to his training plan he sat down with me at a local Starbucks on a Sunday afternoon and discussed my running aspirations, which at that time was to run the inaugural DOPEY Ultra 48.6 at Disney in January 2014, hit a sub 4 hour marathon, and if God was willing ultimately Boston Qualify.  I had never had this type of Coaching where one took the time to "Get to know me."  It impressed me when he said, take a few days and think about it and if you are serious and will put in the work together we can do this, but be sure you have your support system because it will be a busy training season.  I came home and discussed the cost of training with my husband, asked if he could handle me dedicating early mornings, evenings, and weekends to training, thus taking away from our time together and he gave me the thumbs up. So the next Tuesday morning in June 2013 I met Coach Anthony at Owen's field and began my journey.   I thought I would DIE....he ran my little stubby legs until they felt like tree trunks.  I cussed him all the way home and thought to myself I am too old for this. BUT I kept coming back for more, because I am a firm believer you get out what you put in and I wanted my DOPEY medals and the sub 4 hour marathon and I wanted BOSTON.  


SO fast forward to November 2013 and the Rock & Roll Savannah Marathon and it was my time to attempt the sub 4 hour race.  I ran this marathon solo and kept my training plan in my pocket and I came across the finish line at 3:55:15, I thought I had won the lottery as I had shaved over 30 minutes off my fastest marathon.  Now it was time to focus on DOPEY and January 2014 and I completed DOPEY 48.6 and got all 6 medals with a finishing time of 8:53:52.  THEN it was BOSTON.  I can NOT tell you how many BAD RUNS I had and days I hated the training plan that included: getting up pre-dawn, sweating my @$$ off, freezing in the rain, pooping in random places (yes it happens but I figured I would be honest), battling GU indigestion, ice baths, TP rolling, strength training, yoga, and documenting my meals, but I did every workout religiously and slept and ate what Coach provided and believed my trainer and in the training plan.  



Coach took my average marathon pace of 4:28:00 (10:14 pace) to my first BQ time of 3:44:14 (8:34 pace) in November 2014 and my most recent and fastest BQ of 3:38:37 (8:18 pace) in January 2015.  I won't tell you it has been a "joy ride" training, but I will tell you, if you listen to Coach and set your goals with reasonable expectations you can accomplish them.  I have been honest with Coach and he expects that out of his clients so when I had my first BQ I cried on the phone to him with elation, but I WAS NOT SATISFIED I told him I could do better and 2 months later I shaved almost another 6 minutes off a marathon, ALL BECAUSE OF THE INDIVIDUAL training plan.  


So if you want someone to listen to your goals, encourage you, design a plan for you whether it is SWIM, BIKE, OR RUN Coach Anthony Brown and Southern Multisports is for you.  


With true appreciation and love for my Coach!"


- Short Bus Rider ZTABOOGEE 



Positive Results


"Although, I have only been working with Coach Brown for about two months, I can already see positive results.  I became a client of Southern Multisports because I wanted to be a better runner, both in form and in pace.   By  cross training, cycling and running;  I have already to cut my  average pace by 30 seconds per mile.


Talk about commitment to the athlete, you will not find that many coaches who are willing to run the streets and hills of Columbia at 4:30 in the morning to provide that extra  motivation and encouragement."


- The Auditor



Key for Me


"Since you never know what type of swim start you may have, it is best to know how to do all of them.  Southern Multisport will show you and teach you each, one which will make race day less stressful for the swim. 


Anthony’s insight  and actual experience with the sport will ensure you walk away feeling confident and race day ready.


The Southern Multisport Camp will both push you out of your comfort zone as well as provide you with confidence.  Not everything goes as planned on race day."


 - Pamela  Griffin, RN, BSN



From Newbie to Olympian Racer


Since I had only been doing triathlons for less than a year, Anthony had his work cut out for him!  Anthony helped me turn my cycling from something that resembled beach cruising to increasing my RPMs into an actual race pace.  Under his tutelage, I was able to knock 22 minutes off of my time from the previous year's Tom Hoskins and complete my first Olympic distance triathlon under my goal time.  Thanks Anthony!


- Erin W.



Learn 2 Swim to Ironman Chattanooga


Yesterday I did something that I truly thought I would never do. I finished Ironman Chattanooga. Just a few years ago, I would not even put my face in the water to swim. Anthony Brown got me through the Augusta Half Ironman and then taught me to swim the freestyle. This year he coached me for the Ironman. He was here in Chatty to support all his athletes. He showed up at transition in the morning before we did, ran down to the swim start to see us off, was there with a big smile on his face when I started the run and was there on the course right before I finished. I think I almost knocked him down with my enthusiastic hug! Thanks Anthony for being there for me. I really appreciate your support.


-50-54 yr old Female Ironman