Why you need a multisport Coach 



Each of us has limited time in our schedules some due to work constraints, kids, friends, family, or even other hobbies, or interests. There is no reason that your pursuit of sport in swim, bike, or run should impact your ability to enjoy all the other aspects of your life. We need to work to be able to support our hobbies but some of us enjoy what we do for a living and choose to dedicate more time to perfecting our crafts. Whichever person you are, just remember that time is the one thing that is controlled and is limited. I coach athletes with the intent on making this sport a part of their lifestyle so you can still enjoy time with friends and family. Your time is precious and should be spent on quality workouts that allow you to meet/exceed your goals.




What makes a workout have quality. The term is thrown around so much in our sports pursuits. It actually means that there is an objective or focus ot each individual workout. You may have heard of "junk miles," these are workouts that were just used as filler in a workout. Typically when you see online training plans that are produced for the masses have some of these junk miles.




I work to personalize your experience in training. I attempt to focus on your shortcomings and help you play up your strengths. When race day comes I feel like I am racing as well, I love working with athletes to help them achieve their potential that they sometimes could not even imagine existing. I also work with athletes to help them set a realistic vision of what their year should look like in terms of goals. Goals help both you, the athlete, and I ,the coach, with maintain focus on objectives and targets that need to be met throughout our periodized training plan. Each individual is different and deserves to be coached that way.




I will admit that hiring and having a coach is not for everyone. But if you want to maximize your time and potential, I highly suggest attaining one. Some just want to buy a book or purchase a generic plan that will make you run 6 hours, bike 6 hours, swim 6 hours, or run x,y,z workouts over and over. But I suggest that you think about everything you spend your money on in your pursuit of this sport, think about the time spent training away from friends an family and ask yourself. Is my time worth it? When you hire a coach, that coach should be certified to coach you. Do they do this full time. He/she should have liability insurance. That coach should also be constantly reviewing new publications, applicable research, and continue to not only educate themselves but help educate you. Also make sure that when you look at coaches, you need to think about a few things. Do they know everything or at least pretend to? I will admit that I am always learning not only through my continued education but also through my athletes and other coaches. Coaching education should never end and if you coach pretends to know everything, then take that as an indicator that this may not be the best coach for you. I will tell you that if I am not sure of an answer about a question, I will seek out that answer and provide it for you.